Only the experience of those who invented the first kitchens can originate such innovative and distinctive ideas.


The Tops,the workplace of the kitchen, both as a base between the hob and sink, as one of the main elements of the kitchen design.
The choice of material, color and, above all, the technical aspect that varies for each type of material.
Specifically, the materials used by Reval of Miggiano to make the tops are: Post-formedwater-repellent laminate planks,Whitelaminated flatplanes with ABS straight edge,Flat laminatedlaminated tops and straight edge,Top laminate with solid edge,Unicolor planks,Solid CorePlans, Opaque Plans,Plants, Granites and Stones,Stainless Steel Plates andDoors,Power Tech Glass Plates. 

Post-formed water-repellent laminate flooring

Piani in laminato postformato idrorepellente

White laminated floor planes with ABS straight edge

Piani idro laminato bianco con bordo dritto ABS

Laminated tops with top and straight edge

Piani idro laminato con top e bordo dritto

Top laminate with solid edge

Top laminato con bordo massello

Unicolour plans

Piani unicolor

Solid Core Plans

Piani solid core

Arched windows

Piani okite

Marble, granite and stone planks

Piani marmi, graniti e pietre

Stainless steel planks and doors

Piani ed ante in acciaio inox

Power-tech glass tops

Piani in vetro power tech

Kitchens where the colors defy the shapes, and where the style reigns unconventional.Find out more at +39 0833 764982

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